Affiliated Publications

GCWUS Affiliated Publications
Sr.#Author nameyearPaper TitleJournal Name ISSN noImpact factorkeywords
1Shafaq Arif, Farhat Saleemi, M. S. Rafique, Uzma Aziz2016Effect of silver ion-induced disorder on morphological, chemical and optical properties of poly (methyl methacrylate)Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms ISSN: 0168-583X 1.3891.389Urbach energies, methyl methacrylate
2Madeeha Riaz, Rehana Zia, Farhat Saleemi2016Synthesis and evaluation of factors affecting the in vitro bioactivity and antibacterial activity of bioactive glass ceramicsInternational Journal of Modern Physics B ISSN: 0217-97920.79Bauer method, glass ceramics
3Shafaq Arif, M. S. Rafique, Farhat Saleemi Uzma Aziz2016Impact of nucleation of carbonaceous clusters on structural, electrical and optical properties of Cr+-implanted PMMAApplied Physics A ISSN: 0947-83961.444implanted PMMA, nucleation of carbonaceous
4Saima Khalid, Farhat Saleemi, Rehana Zia, Anwaar-ul-Haq2016Crystal Development and Analysis of Zinc-Antimony Oxide Synthesized by Solid State Synthesis TechniqueOptik – International Journal for Light and Electron Optics ISSN: 0030-40260.742Crystals of zinc-antimony oxide, tetragonal crystal system
5Madeeha Riaz, Rehana Zia, Farhat Saleemi, Hafeez Ikram2016Effect of Ti+4 on in-vitro bioactivity and antibacterial activity of silicate glass-ceramicsMaterials Science and Engineering: C ISSN: 0928-49313.420Bioactivity; TiO2; Glass-ceramics; Antibacterial activity
6Shafaq Arif, M. S. Rafique, Farhat Saleemi, Saman Iqbal2016Surface topographical and structural analysis of Ag+-implanted polymethylmethacrylate2016Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms ISSN: 0168-583X1.389Raman spectroscopy, optical transmittance
7Rehana Zia, Farhat Saleemi, Madeeha Riaz, Shahzad Naseem2016Structural and Optoelectrical Properties of ZnTe Thin Films Prepared by E-Beam EvaporationJournal of Electronic Materials ISSN: 0361-52351.491electron-beam evaporation, substrate temperature
8Riffat Sagheer, M. S. Rafique, Farhat Saleemi, Irshad Hussain2016Modification in surface properties of poly-allyl-diglycol-carbonate (CR-39) implanted by Au+ ions at different fluencesMaterials Science-Poland.ISSN (Online) 2083-134X ISSN (Online) 2083-134X0.533CR-39; ion implantation; chemical modification; optical band gap; electrical conductivity
9M. Kamran, Maria Anjum, Mariam Rehman, Farhat Saleemi2016Information Communication Technologies For Irrigation Management Systems: An Empirical Investigation.Pakistan Journal of Science ISSN (Print): 0030-9877Irrigation systems, Water management, Information communication technology,Precision agriculture
10Rehana Zia, Farhat Saleemi, Madeeha Riaz, Shahzad Naseem2016Improve the Efficiency of CdTe/ZnxCd1-xS All Thin Films Solar Cell by AnnealingOptik – International Journal for Light and Electron Optics ISSN: 0030-40260.742CdTe; ZnCdS; TFSC; Efficiency
11Madeeha Riaz, Rehana Zia, Farhat Saleemi, Tousif Hussain2016Influence of Ta2O5 doping on mechanical and biological properties of silicate glass-ceramicsMaterials Science-Poland. ISSN (Online) 2083-134X ISSN (Online) 2083-134X0.533compressive strength; bioactivity; Ta2O5; glass-ceramics
12Zohra N. Kayania, Zobia Saleem, Saira Riaz, Shahzad Naseem, Farhat Saleemi2016Deposition of porous titanium oxide thin films as anti-fogging and anti-reflecting mediumOptik – International Journal for Light and Electron Optics ISSN: 0030-40260.742Titanium dioxide; Dip coating; Structural properties; Optical properties
13Rehana Zia, Madeeha Riaz, Nida ul nasir, Farhat Saleemi Zora Kayani, Safia Anjum, Farooq Bashir, Tousif Hussain2016Bioactivity analysis of the Ta (V) doped SiO2–CaO–Na2O–P2O5 ceramics prepared by solid state sintering methodProgress in Natural Science: Materials International ISSN: 1002-00711.753Crystallization; Bioactivity; Ta2O5; Degradation rate; Bioceramic
14Rehana Zia, Farhat Saleemi, Shahzad Naseem, Madeeha Riaz2016Improve the Efficiency of CdTe/ZnxCd1-xS All Thin Films Solar Cell by AnnealingOptik – International Journal for Light and Electron Optics ISSN: 0030-40260.742CdTe; ZnCdS; TFSC; Efficiency
15Sehrish Asif, Mariam Rehman, Maria Anjum, Farhat Saleemi2016Framework for Testing Cloud Base ApplicationsBahria University Journal of Information & Communication TechnologiesISSN Printed: 1999-4974Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service (SAAS), Testing, Performance Testing, Framework
16Kausar Javed Khan, Farhat Saleemi, Tahir Abbas, Farooq Bashir2015Dielectric and Structural Properties of Holmium Substituted Yttrium Iron Garnets by Conventional Ceramic TechniqueMaterials Today: Proceedings ISSN: 2214-7853Yttrium iron garnet; Ceramic technique; Dielectric constant; Dielectric loss factor; Tangent loss
17Zohra N. Kayani, Erum S. Khan, Farhat Saleemi, Saira Riaz, Shahzad Naseem2015Optical and Magnetic Properties of Iron Oxide Thin FilmsMaterials Today: Proceedings ISSN: 2214-7853Iron oxide; Thin films; Optical properties; Band gap; Magnetization curves
18Zohra N. Kayani, Farhat Saleemi, Iffat Batool2015Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO NanoparticlesMaterials Today: Proceedings ISSN: 2214-7853ZnO; Nanoparticles; Sol-gel
19Kausar Javed Khan, Farhat Saleemi, Tahir Abbas, Farooq Bashir2015Microstructural and Magnetic Properties of Holmium-substituted Yttrium Iron Garnets (Y3-xHoxFe5O12) Synthesized by Conventional Ceramic MethodMaterials Today: Proceedings ISSN: 2214-7853Microstructure; Magnetic properties; YIG; Holmium
20Madeeha Riaz, Rehana Zia, Farhat Saleemi, Hafeez Ikram, Farooq Bashir2015In vitro antimicrobial activity of ZnO based glass–ceramics against pathogenic bacteriaJournal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine ISSN: 0957-45302.272hydroxyapatite phase, antibacterial effects
21Rehana Zia, Farhat Saleemi, Shahzad Naseem2015Optical properties of thermally evaporated CdTe thin films by varying substrate temperatureOptik – International Journal for Light and Electron Optics ISSN: 0030-40260.742Band gap; P-type; Optical; Infrared
22Rehana Zia, Farhat Saleemi, Shahzad Naseem, Zohra kiyani2015Study the efficiency of single crystal CdTe/ZnCdS solar cell at various temperatures and illumination levelsEnergy reports ISSN: 2352-4847Fill factor; Efficiency; ZnTe; CdS; Photovoltaic
23Madeeha Riaz, Rehana Zia, Farhat Saleemi, Roman A Perez2015Effect of ZrO2 on physiochemical properties of SiO2-Al2O3-CaO-MgO-ZnO glass-ceramic systemProceedings of the Pakistan Academy of SciencesGlass-ceramic, crystallization, nucleating agent, diopside, zirconia
24Zohra Nazir Kayani, Farhat Saleemi, Iffat Batool2015Effect of calcination temperature on the properties of ZnO nanoparticlesApplied Physics A ISSN: 0947-83961.444diethanolamine
25Madeeha Riaz, Rehana Zia, Farhat Saleemi, Tossif hossain2015Science Direct Influence of titanium on structural, biological and antibacterial properties of SiO 2 ˗ CaO ˗ Na 2 O ˗ P 2 O 5 glass-ceramics-review under responsibility of the Committee Members of International Conference on Solid State Physics 2013 (ICSSP’13)Kirby Bauer method, Pyogenes bacteria
26Madeeha Riaz, Rehana Zia, Farhat Saleemi, Tossif hossain2015Synthesis of Bioactive Ferrimagnetic Glass Ceramics for Cancer TherapyInternational Conference on Physics and Contemporary Needsferromagnetic biomaterial, hyperthermia treatment of cancer
27Madeeha Riaz, Rehana Zia, Farhat Saleemi, Farooq Bashir, Tousif Hossain, Zohra Kayani2015In vitro evaluation of bioactivity of SiO2-CaO-P2O5-Na2O-CaF2-ZnO glass-ceramicsMaterials Science-Poland. ISSN (Online) 2083-134X ISSN (Online) 2083-134X0.533bioactive glass ceramicsin vitro bioactivityapatite layerzinc oxide
28Zohra Kayani, Aliya Afzal, Farhat Saleemi, Shahzad Naseem2015Structural, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Cobalt-Doped Dip Coated ZnO FilmsIEEE Transactions on Magnetics ISSN: 0018-94641.277Zinc oxide, Photonic band gap, Optical films, Magnetic hysteresis, Saturation magnetization, Lattices, Cobalt
29Zohra Kayani, E.S.Khan, Farhat Saleemi, Shahzad Naseem2014Growth and Characterization of Iron Oxide Nanocrystalline Thin Films via Sol-Gel Dip Coating MethodIEEE Transactions on Magnetics ISSN: 0018-94641.277Oxide Nano-crystalline
30Azhar Ul Haq, Marium Jalal Chaudhry, Farhat Saleemi2014Hybrid Fuel Cell Power System for Electric Vehicles ApplicationJournal of Low Power Electronics ISSN 1546-19980.526ELECTRIC VEHICLES; ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS; FUEL CELLS; POWER CONVERTER
31Madeeha Riaz, Rehana Zia, Farhat Saleemi, Riaz Ahmad, Tousif Hossain2014Influence of Titanium on Structural, Biological and Antibacterial Properties of SiO2 – CaO – Na2O – P2O5 Glass-ceramicsMaterials Today: Proceedings ISSN: 2214-7853Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS); Fourier transform infrared (FTIR); Kirby Bauer method; SBF
32Azhar Ul Haq, Marium Jalal Chaudhry, Farhat Saleemi2014A smart charging station for EVs with evaluation of different energy storage technologies 2013 IEEE Conference on Clean Energy and Technology (CEAT)Batteries, Capacitors, Power demand, Power grids, Electric vehicles
33Umbreen Rashid, Muhammad Rashid Khan, Moniba Sajid2016Hepatoprotective potential of Fagonia olivieri DC. against acetaminophen induced toxicity in rat.BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine ISSN: 1472-68821.375Antioxidant; Fagonia olivieri; Hepatotoxicity; Total phenolic content
34Moniba Sajid, Muhammad Rashid khan, Naseer Ali shah, Shafi Ullah, Tahira Younis, Muhammad Majid, Bushra Ahmad, Dereje Nigussie2016Proficiencies of Artemisia scoparia against CCl4 induced DNA damages and renal toxicity in rat.BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine ISSN: 1472-68821.375Antioxidant; Artemisia scoparia; Comet assay; DNA damages; Kidneys; Lipid peroxidation
35Babar Shahzad khan, Adnan Saeed, Sardar Sikandar Hayat, Aiman Mukhtar, Tahir Mehmood2016Mechanism Formation of cuporos Oxide Nanowires in AAO template by ElectrodepositionInternational Journal of Electrochemical Science1.692Electrochemical deposition, Cuprous oxide, Growth, nano wires
36Tahir Mehmood, Aiman Mukhtar, Babar Shahzad khan, Adnan Saeed, Waqar Ahmad, Wu kaiming2016Electrochemical Process and Phase Formation of Fe-based Alloy Nanowires into Anodic Alumina OxideInternational Journal of Electrochemical Science1.692Nano cluster, Electrochemical deposition, Crystal structure, Scanning electron microscopy, Alloy nano wires
37Tahir Mehmood, AimanMukhtar, Babar Shahzad khan, Adnan Saeed, Wu kaiming2016Electrochemically fabricated Fe-Ni alloy nanowires and their structural characterizationInternational Journal of Materials Research ISSN: 2238-78540.687Electrodeposition; Alloy nanowires; Growth; Metal surface; Crystal structure
38Tahir Mehmood, Aiman Mukhtar, Babar Shahzad khan, Kaiming Wu2016Growth Mechanism of Electrodeposited Fe,Co and NI Nanowires in the form of Self-Assembled Arrays at fixed PotentialInternational Journal of Electrochemical Science1.692Nanostructure, Electrodeposition. Current density, Work function
39Aiman Mukhtar, Babar Shahzad khan, Tahir Mehmood2016Appropriate deposition parameters for formation of fcc Ce-N]alloy nanowires during electrochemical deposition processApplied Physics A Material Science & processing1.444Nanowires; Electrodeposition
40A.Saeed, M.Abrarb, A.W. Khan, F.Jand, B.S.Khan ,H.U.Shah, M.Zaka-ul-Islamf and M.Zakaullahd2016Opticalemissionspectroscopyof50Hzpulseddc nitrogen–hydrogen plasma in the presence of active screen cageRADIATIONEFFECTS&DEFECTSINSOLIDS0.5Plasma; XRD; surfaces; radiation
41Salih Okten, Usman Cakmak, Aisha Saddiqa, Bahadir Keskin, Seda Ozdemir and Merve Inal2016Reinvestigation of bromination of 8-substituted quinolones and synthesis of novel phthalonitrilesOrganic communicationsBromination, hydroxiquinoline, phtyhalonitrile, Methoxiquinoline, Aminoquinoline
42Saima Anjum, Zhongyuan Liu, Wenyue Gao, Wenjing Qi, M. Rehan Hasan Shah Gilani, Muhammad Ahmad, Aziz-ur-Rehman, Guobao Xu2015Non-enzymatic hydrogen peroxide sensor by electroreduction of p-nitrophenyl aldehyde in the presence of nitrous acid on glassy carbon electrodeJournal of Electroanalytical chemistryHydrogen peroxide, Diazonium, p-nitrophenyl aldehyde, non enzymatic sensor, electrochemistry
43Aisha Siddiqa, Muhammad Usman, Osman Cakmak2016Isocoumarins and 3,4-dihydroisocoumrins, the amazing natural products:AIsocoumarins, Synthesis, Natural product, Biological importance
44Muhammad Zahid Kiani, Tariq Sultan, Arshad Ali and Zarrin Fatima Rizvi2016Application of ACC-Deaminase containing PGPR improves sunflower yield under natural salinity stressPakistan journal of Botany0.96Salinity, Sunflower and PGPR
45Amanullah, Bushra Mirza, Zarrin Fatima Rizvi and Muhammad Zia2016Production of artemisinin and its derivatives in hairy roots of Artemisia dubia induced by rola gene transformationPakistan journal of botany0.96Genetic transformation, Artemisinin, agrobacterium tumefaciens
46Ali Noman, Muhammad Aqeel, Jianming Deng, Noreen Khalid, Tayyaba Sanaullah and He Shuilin,2017Biotechnological Advancements for Improving Floral Attributes in Ornamental PlantsFront. Plant Sci.4.495Ornamental Plants, Biotechnological
47Andleeb Mehmood, Adeel Mahmood , Syed Ali Musstjab Akber Shah Eqani , Riffat Naseem Malik, Jun Li , Gan Zhang , Aisha Ashraf and Zarrin Fatima Rizvi2017Dietary and toxicity exposure of emerging persistent organic pollutants to human , health through consumption of cereal crops from PakistanHuman and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal1.306Toxicity, health. Cereal Pakistan