Community Service

  1. Donation of Wheel Chairs by Safia Foundation:
    Following the mission of university to serve community, two wheel chairs were donated in collaboration with Safia Foundation. Such steps are imperative for empowerment of women with disabilities.

  2. Clean Sialkot Facebook page:
    This group has been created on the beautiful day of Jan 16, 2016, with the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most beneficent, for the peoples who are/were living/associating in any capacity irrespective to time with Sialkot. The purpose of this group is to discuss the things related to our dear city Sialkot cleanliness, its development, its problems, its future and its present because Clean city promote physical and mental health of its citizen.

    All members… can post anything here minus a vulgar or cheap post. All members will have chance to express their views and ideas. But the respect of opinion must be guaranteed with no personal, political and religious remarks. Female members are most respected members of the group. Their privacy, their points of views and their dignity must be respected. Sending vulgar message to any female member directly or via inbox will never be tolerated and culprit will be out from the group without any prior notice. ADMINS do not like to remove any post or any member from the group; therefore members should take their own responsibility and don’t let harsh debate and share objectionable material.
    Our movement, anchored by our respected Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Farhat Saleemi, GC Women University Sialkot is focused to inculcate habit of cleanliness in our children. As it should come from the hearts of people; starting from their homes, becoming a habit; manifesting itself as a clean and healthy society. We also need to bring this to the academic curriculum, which will help them learn and understand the importance of hygiene. Our children must practice to leave the appropriate waste at the appropriate dustbin. Our Facebook Group

  3. ORIC Facebook Page:
    In-time information is a key to approach different opportunity. In this regard, ORIC provides kits for updating faculty and staff so for national/ international scholarships, funding of research/ projects, seminar, conferences, workshops, post-doc fellowships, HEC news/ circulars and different activity inside and outside university that play key role in development of university and society through facebook page “ORIC at Women University Sialkot” Facebook official page

  4. Women Entrepreneur Centre at SCCI:
    Active participation of Dr Zarrin Fatima Rizvi Director ORIC in Women Entrepreneur Center at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and industries. Regular attend monthly meetings and discuss several tips on “How to Be a Better Entrepreneur” and small business ideas and encourage Sialkot, women for business.

  5. SOS Village Sialkot:
    Visit Sialkot Village and motivated and encourage kids to continue working hard.