Residential Facility

Government College Women University Sialkot offers hostel facility to the students coming from other cities and abroad. There is student hostel with official capacity of 400 seats in which Blocks are nominated for Graduates and Postgraduate Students. Due to limited accommodation facilities, the hostel seats are provided to the students only on merit based on marks obtained in previous class and distance from the university premises.

Hostel Charges

Sr. No. Items Amount
1 Security (Refundable) Rs: 2000/-
2 Breakage (on Admission) Rs: 100
4 Mess Charges (Per Month) Rs: 3000/-
5 Establishment fee + Room Rent (Per Month) Rs: 1250/-
6 Extra appliances charges(per appliance) Rs: 500/-
Total Rs: Rs: 6850/-

Note: Hostel Charges will not be increased 10 % this year.

Facilities Provided to Hostel Residents

  1. Qualified Administration
  2. Students Advisory Committee
  3. Water Filtered Electric Coolers
  4. T.V and Internet
  5. Better sanitary system
  6. Backup power supply system
  7. Spacious laundry
  8. Canteen
  9. Clean and spacious rooms
  10. Safe environment

These rules shall be applicable to the residential students of GCWUS:
During their stay at the GCWUS Hostel, the students shall be required to abide by certain Rules, failing which they risk expulsion both from the Hostel and the University. For this purpose, they are required to comply with the following Hostel Regulations:

  1. Only regular students of GCWUS are eligible for admission in the GCWUS Hostel.However, in exceptional cases, the Alumni may be permitted to stay in the Hostel for a short duration with the Authorities’ approval.
  2. Admission in hostel should also be merit based and local students should not be admitted in the hostel.
  3. Students taking admission in Hostel shall submit an application or an admission form in duplicate, duly completed, along with three passport size photographs to the Hostel Warden, who will be responsible for allotting rooms.
  4. The parent /guardian must provide a list of five visitors at the time of admission in hostel along with their passport size photographs, contact details and copies of CNIC.
  5. The parent / guardian must provide the names, contact number, photographs, CNIC and address of two persons who could be contacted in case of emergency,
  6. Allotment of rooms shall be made after the candidates have produced the payment receipt from the designated bank. They will pay prescribed mess fee per month to the warden in cash in the first week of every month.
  7. The applicants will have to furnish a written guarantee by their guardians, holding them responsible for the payment of the Hostel dues, in case of their wards fail to make the payment. A written guarantee shall also be provided by the resident and her guardian regarding observance of all Hostel Rules.
  8. Students/boarders are required to deposit the security deposit PKR. 2,000/- as well as monthly charges for the entire semester in advance at the time of admission to the Hostel. The Hostel charges will be fixed by the Hostel Committee of GCWUS from time to time.
  9. Residents shall be under the disciplinary control of the Warden, Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the students for indulging in Ragging that may lead to expulsion from GCWUS.
  10. Residents shall sign a receipt of Hostel property in their rooms and shall be responsible for any loss or damage.
  11. Residents are not allowed to change their rooms at their own accord, or allow a guest to stay overnight with them.
  12. Residents shall not be allowed to keep pets in their rooms.
  13. Residents should not disturb their fellow residents by playing radio, music player or any such instruments at a high volume, or by any other discomfort.
  14. Silence should be maintained strictly after 9:30 p.m. in the Hostel so that residents can devote their time to studies.
  15. No societies shall be formed and no meetings shall be held within the premises of the Hostel.
  16. Residents are not allowed to give tips or make any other kind of payment to the sweepers etc, or any other employee of the Hostel.
  17. Residents are advised in their own interest not to keep expensive articles or valuables in their rooms.
  18. Residents are prohibited from keeping any kinds of arms, ammunition or intoxicants in their possession. Non-observance of this rule shall be severely dealt with. Residents who are found in intoxicated condition will be expelled from the Hostel on a 24 hours’ notice.
  19. Residents committing serious offences such as violation of Rules and Regulations of the Hostel, holding meetings or collection of subscription without prior approval of the Authorities and non-payment of dues shall be subjected to disciplinary action, extending up to expulsion from the Hostel/GCWUS depending upon the seriousness of the offence.
  20. Residents once expelled from the Hostel shall not be admitted again or allowed to stay in the Hostel.
  21. Residents should leave the Hostel within one week after the declaration of their last examination results and report their departure to the Authorities after getting clearance.
  22. Residents shall be under obligation to conform all the Rules and Regulations that may be enforced in the Hostel from time to time.
  23. All residents should be in the Hostel after Maghrib prayer.
  24. Female visitors shall be received only in the guest room and under no circumstances female visitors will be allowed to enter individual rooms.
  25. All residents should ensure that the persons visiting them fill the necessary particulars in the register. No private parties or functions can be arranged by individuals or groups without prior permission of the Hostel Warden
  26. Residents are advised not to enter into any conflict with the employees of the Hostel. The complaints against the Hostel staff should be brought to the notice of the Hostel Warden.
  27. No resident(s) shall be allowed to take any crockery into his/her room without prior permission of the Mess Manager.
  28. No resident shall open the door of another resident’s room without his/her permission.
  29. All cases of illness should be immediately reported to the Hostel Warden, who shall make necessary arrangements for medical help.


  1. Hostel Warden may impose the following punishment upon the defaulters/violators of the above mentioned rules:
    1. The amount of fine should be decided by the discipline committee according to the nature of offence.
    2. Suspension of Gate pass for one week.
    3. All fines imposed shall be simultaneously reported to the Treasurer/ Additional Treasurer.
  2. Certificate /Degree/and other documents of a student involved in case of breach of discipline may be withheld till the final disposal of the case.

Staff Members

Ms. Asfa (Hostel Warden)
Ms. Shazia (Assistant Warden)