Sr.#Name of ItemsQuantityTender Open DateTender FeeBid DocxNotices
01Heavy Duty PhotocopierDetails in Tender Document08-02-2018Rs.1000/-
02Generator 50k VADetails in Tender Document08-02-2018Rs.1000/-
03Cement Concrcte BenchesDetails in Tender Document12-02-2018Rs.1000/-
04Construction Of Class RoomDetails in Tender Document22-02-2018Rs.1000/-
05Furniture & FixtureDetails in Tender Document28-02-2018Rs.1000/-
06Construction of office at back side of UniversityDetails in Tender Document01-03-2018Rs.1000/-
07Degree FolderDetails in Tender Document8-03-2018Rs.1000/-
08Security Guard UniformDetails in Tender Document09-03-2018Rs.1000/-
09Renovation of Botany Lab. at GCWU Sialkot.Details in Tender Document14-03-2018Rs.1000/-
10Laboratory EquipmentDetails in Tender Document05-04-2018Rs.1000/-
11Construction of wash room set for students near auditorium hall at GCWU Sialkot.Details in Tender Document03-04-2018Rs.1000/-
12Heavy Duty Color PrinterDetails in Tender Document27-03-2018Rs.1000/-
13Construction of dormitories, offices & washrooms at back of old block at GCWU Sialkot.Details in Tender Document10-05-2018Rs.1000/-
14Catering & Allied ServicesDetails in Tender Document04-05-2018Rs.1000/-
15Renovation of Botany Lab Room (No. 44 at GCWUS sialkot)Details in Tender Document24-05-2018Rs.1000/-
16Laboratory EquipmentDetails in Tender Document25-06-2018Rs.1000/-
17Miscellaneous ItemsDetails in Tender Document05-06-2018Rs.1000/-
18PROSPECTUSDetails in Tender Document29-06-2018Rs.1000/-
19Laboratory EquipmentDetails in Tender Document05-07-2018Rs.1000/-
01Tender Notice for construction worksDetails in Tender Document04-05-2017Rs.1000/-
02Tender Notice for BUS TYRESDetails in Tender Document04-05-2017Rs.1000/-
03Tender Notice for construction worksDetails in Tender Document19-05-2017Rs.1000/-
04Tender Notice for ICT FacilitiesDetails in Tender Document19-05-2017Rs.1000/-
05Tender Notice ProspectusDetails in Tender Document04-07-2017Rs.1000/-
06Tender Notice for Answer SheetsDetails in Tender Document18-07-2017Rs.1000/-
07Tender Notice for construction worksDetails in Tender Document-07-2017Rs.1000/-
08Tender Notice for EOI NoticeDetails in Tender Document28-07-2017Rs.1000/-
09Tender Notice for Installation of ½ cusec tubewelDetails in Tender Document28-07-2017Rs.1000/-
10Tender for Replacement of damaged water supplyDetails in Tender Document25-09-2017Rs.1000/-
11Tender Notice for ICT-Laboratory-furniture ItemsDetails in Tender Document28-09-2017Rs.1000/-
12Tender notice for purchase of miscellaneous ItemsDetails in Tender Document28-09-2017Rs.1000/-
13Tender notice for tyresDetails in Tender Document:13-11-2017Rs.1000/-
14Tender notice for Flower-PotsDetails in Tender Document13-11-2017Rs.1000/-
15Tender Notice for Painting and Renovation WorkDetails in Tender Document13-12-2017Rs.1000/-
16Tender notice for Printing of Answer SheetsDetails in Tender Document14-12-2017Rs.1000/-
17Tender notice for ConstructionDetails in Tender Document14-12-2017Rs.1000/-
18Tender Notice Day Care CenterDetails in Tender Document19-12-2017Rs.1000/-
19Tender notice for Furniture & FixtureDetails in Tender Document18-12-2017Rs.1000/-
01Furniture ItemsDetails in Tender Document30-03-2016Rs.1000/-
02Printing of Answer Sheets220020-05-2016Rs.1000/-
03Furniture ItemsDetails in Tender Document18-05-2016Rs.1000/-
04Telephone Exchange31-Set01-06-2016Rs.1000/-
  1. I.T Equipment
  2. Medical & Laboratory Equipment
  3. Funiture & Fixture
Details in Tender Document—08-2016Rs.1000/-
07Funiture & FixtureDetails in Tender Document17-08-2016Rs.1000/-
08IR Equipment – LAN/WANDetails in Tender Document29-11-2016Rs.1000/-
09Printing of Answer Sheets3500030-11-2016Rs.1000/-
10BUS-Type & BUS-Rim14 & 0202-12-2016Rs.1000/-
11Furniture ItemsDetails in Tender Document05-12-2016Rs.1000/-
12Provision of partition for cabins in Different offices of UniverstiyDetails in Tender Document06-12-2016Rs.1000/-