Message of Head of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Environmental Sciences. I have always been interested in the field of environmental science as it is a cross road where multiple dimensions intersect: Economics, Management, Social Studies, Population Science, Ethics, analysis and action. I am honored to receive the responsibility of this program and I look forward to carry this task in a befitting manner and  educating the next generation of environmental activists to the best of my ability.

Together our scholars, students, staff, alumni, friends, and partners will help to shape a sustainable environment for the current and future generations of Pakistan. We desire to improve research aptitude and raise the education standards up to International level. A graduate from this department would be able to understand contemporary issues in environmental management, knowledge of the interactions between processes working in the physical environment and ecosystems, together with an awareness of the statutory and ethical frame work within which environmental scientists work. We achieve this through interdisciplinary research from the molecular to population level.

I wish our students do well in their professional career and private life. On behalf of my colleagues, I thank them for making our department the place to study, work, and have fun. I must extend my heartiest congratulations to the management, faculty, staff, and students who have worked with zeal, diligence, and commitment to the development of this department. We hope you will consider GC Women University for your graduate studies in environmental sciences.

I urge you to work with unwavering zeal and commitment to make a quantum improvement in all spheres at the national, regional and individual levels. Let us resolve to re-double our efforts to make Pakistan shine ever so brightly in the top echelons of the comity of leading nations of the world.

Before concluding, let me remind you the saying of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) – “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.” So, dear students keep your quest for knowledge and understanding alive.

Dr Zarrin Fatima Rizvi, PhD

Assistant Professor & HoD
MPhil PhD & Post Docs

Quaid- I- Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan

052-9250651, Ext. 109