About E.F.T (Endowment Fund Trust)

  1. A university is as good as its resources, as an autonomous institution, GCWU has to generate its own resources to carry on and improve the quality of education and other services. The demand for resources increased manifolds, since Government Post Graduate College (W) Sialkot became a University in 2013. Funds are needed to meet the academic expenses of the deserving students and to build new blocks and laboratories and restore old buildings of historic value. Universities all over the world seek financial support from philanthropists and their alumni to acquire a strong resource base. GCWU too, looks up to its students, past and present, to help in building up the Endowment Fund.
  2. EFT allows donors to transfer their private earnings to public purposes, with the assurance that their financial support will serve the noble and constructive purposes.

Mission & Vision

To solicit, receive, administer and disburse gifts, grants and bequests of every kind, and to hold this in such a manner that the Foundation deems the benefit of the University of Sialkot.

Acting as the catalyst for dynamic growth, the University of Sialkot needs financial co-operation from all over thus perpetuating the philosophy of synergistic relationships resulting in a strong and unique institutional image.


1. To enable the academically qualified, yet financially needy, Pakistani students to continue university studies thus becoming better future builders of the nation.

2. To promote, organize, establish, finance, administer, manage and maintain academic programs & research work for imparting knowledge and for undertaking studies and research for the advancement of various Sciences, as well as Arts, Humanities and Management Sciences.

3. Capacity building of teaching faculty and other GCWU employees, instructors and experts of of higher learning.

4. To bring out, encourage and develop research faculties of the University and to afford them opportunity for research in art, science and industrial undertakings.

5. To provide for the students an education of the highest possible academic standard and recognized professional excellence in various fields.

6. To establish and maintain well equipped libraries for general use.

7. To take such other steps as may be necessary for the promotion of research and training in identified intellectual academic and scientific fields by maximizing the use of local resources of men and materials.


Various permanent scholarships have been initiated by the Trust with the financial support of PEF (PUNJAB ENDOWMENT FUND). The most deserving students of GCWU who also have good academic record can apply for these scholarships at the beginning of every academic session. After scrutiny of documents and APPLICATIONS these scholarships will be given to them. However, students coming from Baluchistan are specially awarded with scholarships including full fee concession and hostel dues.

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