Prof. Dr. Farhat Saleemi became Vice Chancellor of Government College Women University, Sialkot on 12th September, 2014. She is an eminent Physicist with an extraordinarily outstanding leadership track record. Before moving to GCWU Sialkot as Vice Chancellor she was Dean Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Management Sciences and Director Planning and development at Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. She has been Supervising MS/M.phil. and Ph.D Physics Scholars and Electronic Research and Administration. While on deputation for doing Ph.D, she has taught Semiconductor physics to MS class in UMIST, Manchester, UK. She has thirty-five (35) years teaching experience at post-graduate level (Ph.D/MS/M.phil/M.Sc). Other than her vast teaching experience and of being research supervisor, she has enormous administrative as well as technical experience. She has been adept in setting up of computer science Telecommunication, Physics, and Electronic Engineering, and Research Laboratories. She has immense experience of working, analyzing results and preventive maintenance of scanning electron microscope for which she received training in UK.

Prof. Dr. Farhat Saleemi has established a long term strategic framework and vision previously for LCWU, Lahore (which has been practically fulfilled) and now for GCWU Sialkot (For its fulfillment she is working untiringly day and night), she is marvelous at conceptualizing the development projects to be submitted to the Govt. Funding Agencies in future. During her career at LCWU, Lahore she has successfully conceptualized, defended and executed different students friendly educational development and research projects funded by MOST and HEC. She strongly believes in attending and conducting academic , technical and administrative workshops to promote the idea of professional excellence and expertise.Prof. Dr. Farhat Saleemi has spent much of her precious time in community engagements by remaining effectively at different times,

  • Member Project Execution Committee, “Centre for Microelectronic” Punjab University, Lahore;
  • Technical member Purchase Committee of Education University, Lahore;
  • Member Expert Committee for  the establishment of Computer Laboratory in Education university , Lahore ;
  • Member  “Research Committee” UET, Lahore; Technical Member
  • Member  “Purchase Committee” UET, Lahore; Technical Member
  • Committee  to develop Action Plan of IT in Punjab Govt (2001-2003);
  • Member Governor’s Advisory Team for “Higher Education reforms”;
  •  Technical Member Committee for pre-qualification of computer firms, govt. of the Punjab, (2001-2003).Currently she is serving as:
  • Member National Curriculum Review Committee (NCRC) in the subject of physics.
  • Member Board of Studies (High Energy Physics),” Punjab University, Lahore.
  • Member Academic Council GCU, Lahore.
  • Technical Member Purchase Committee , Punjab Information Technology Board.
  • Member Board of Director, Nandipur Power Company Limited.

In addition she has life membership of different national and international Societies which include:

  • Life Member IEEE (USA)
  • Life Member IAENG (UK)
  • Life Member Pakistan Institute of Physics
  • Life Member Pakistan Society for Semiconductor Science and Technology

Dr. Farhat Saleemi, born in Lahore, Pakistan , is a researcher and academic who has a long list of valuable publications. As a student in UK, Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals of the United kingdom gifted her with Overseas Research Students Award for outstanding performance in studies. As a teacher, she has been awarded “Best University Teacher Award” by University Grants Commission (2000) and by Higher Education Commission (2008).

Govt. of the Pakistan has bestowed Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah Award (2005) upon her. South Asia Publications decorated her with GOLD Medal of star women (2002) and of star Laureate (2008).
Dr. Farhat Saleemi strongly believes that parents and teachers play vital role in character building of students who in future face challenges by remaining optimistic, steadfast, determined and firm in pursuit of knowledge and ambitious in all circumstances. It is her mission “to establish a fault free, self-perpetuating teaching and learning environment.” She is proud of her beneficial volunteer work in the field of education and researches that paving path for future investigators to work on. To this mission she intends to contribute forever.

Dr. Farhat Saleemi, a marvelous genius, is a superb gift conferred by God upon GCWU Sialkot for the noble purpose of providing best possible educational opportunities to the female students of Sialkot in order to enable them to touch the pinnacles of success as dreamt by Iqbal.