On the behalf of the University I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Government College Women University, Sialkot, a prime partaker in developing education in Sialkot. Established in 1951 as a college, it is Sialkot’s oldest institution of higher learning. From humble beginnings it emerged as Sialkot’s most distinguished and an iconic educational institutions, resulting in its up graduation as a University in 2012. This prestigious seat of learning occupied a crucial place in the emergence and preservation of the intellectual heritage of Sialkot. This heritage cinches that GCWUS attracts the best students regardless of circumstances and background. Despite being a new University our graduates are extremely well received in our mobile world.

GCWUS is dedicated to the promotion of quality education in a wide range of contemporary Disciplines. The high standards set by GCWUS have made it the first choice of many aspiring students. In addition to undergraduate programs being offered, GCWUS has amplified its offerings to graduate and post graduate courses including MS programs in Urdu, Economics, Islamic Studies, Political Sciences and English. The courses are upgraded on regular basis to keep abreast with trends in the job market and changing borderlands in knowledge.

GCWUS is very fortunate to have outstanding and dedicated faculty which is religiously committed to inducing and inculcating high moral values, sense of civil responsibility and inquisitiveness among the students.

GCWUS is the first Women University in Sialkot as it has been universally realized that women play a key role in a country’s governance. Our vision is to empower a diverse community of female students by inflaming their intellect, stirring their creative faculties and finding true success through high quality teaching and learning. Our challenge for the future is to establish ourselves firmly among the nation’s leading universities by nurturing compassionate women leaders for next generation. I hope you will support us in our endeavor aimed at women empowerment amply reflected in Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s words:

There are two powers in the world; one is sword and the other one is pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a 3rd power stronger than both, that is of the Women.” (Qauid e Azam)

-Prof. Dr. Farhat Saleemi