Poster Competition and One Day Seminar                                   Department of Botany                                                                             

Date: 31- August-2016

Poster Display and Visit of Judges: 10:45am

Start of Seminar: 11:00 am

Title, “Plants: Real Sustainer Of Life On Planet Earth and Their Vital Promises in Modern Era”    organized by Ms. Zohra Kabir, Member Botanical Society, Lecturer-Department of Botany, G.C. Women University Sialkot.

In this seminar chief guest was Director, ORIC Dr. Zarrin Fatima Rizvi. Heads of Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Math and Psychology departments along with their faculty members were also the honorable guest on the above said occasion. The Organizer Ms. Zohra Kabir gave a welcome note to all participants. All the guests along with Organizer first visits poster display, Judges made the evaluation for decision of positions.

In the seminar, the participants highlighted the importance of plants in food, feed and pharmaceutics. They gave valuable information about indoor plantation of some special plants which release aroma as Dangue repellent from their premises. Awareness was also given about those plants who can used as cure of Dangue fever.

Some participants through light on the cure of most threatening diseases through consumption of Strawberry, Apple and banana juices and Shakes. Grafting in a glance One Plant Multi Fruit technique was also appraised. In the seminar participants gave outlook on the miracles of transgenic plants in human’s life especially transgenic yeast, wheat, Golden Rice, BT Cotton and tearless onion. Cultivation strategies of Avoado and Olive other than native areas were explained and participants give key information to cultivate them in Sialkot region.

The students of M. Phil program under supervision of Ms.Zohra Kabir also share surprising features of plants and suggested that one could grow their own beauty garden in their home. As lot of plants used directly and indirectly in cosmetic industry. They also explained the extraction of natural hair dyes from plants and cut down the import of chemical or synthetic dyes. M.Phil students also relate the use of plant products in the light of use of plants as medication by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Reclamation of sewerage water and extraction of plant mineral nutrients from the sludge was also explained in the seminar.

At the end of seminar Director ORIC expressed that all the topics were very informative comprising of unique ideas for research and commercialization. She highly admire the efforts of Ms. Zohra Kabir to amplify and molding the theologies of students towards very perspective aims and ideas. Director ORIC along with HODs of all departments also appreciate for the held of such factual event. She announces to try her best to take funds from Government of Pakistan to give real meanings of all research and innovative ideas. Lastly Ms. Zohra say thanks to Worthy Vice Chancelor, Dean Sciences and all respected HODs to allow the setting of this seminar. She said that she will always be committed for the betterment and progress of the students and the institute.